Presenting at AREA48?  Use the following Powerpoint or the Keynote file as a template.  These files have been optimized to present well at AREA48 using our monitors and projectors.



Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Overview of ASU Venture Catalyst and ASU Skysong

Overview of Alexandria Network for libraries

ASU Startup Resources

Critical Thinking Session

Project Management Session

Elevator Pitch


Fundamentals of Engineering Design

Startup Company Formation

Promotional Videos

Business Outreach

Military Defense Aerospace - Industry Overview

Veteran Owned Business - Advantages

Social Media for Personal Branding

Social Media for Personal Branding 2

Social Media for Personal Branding 3

Marketing Your Startup

Press Release Writing Workshop

Financial Projections

Click Icon for Financial Projections Worksheets

Perfecting Your Seed Funding Pitch


Online Presence for your Business

Social Media 101

IT Resources for your Business

Internet Advertising for Startups

Service Leadership