New Hours?


AREA48 is closed for day to day operations.


We will host special events on occasion so if you get an invite come on down.



What we do?


AREA48 is a Formation Space - designed to be a conduit for an innovation ecosystem.


It is designed to help:

- Form teams from diverse skillsets and backgrounds

- Form ideas through role playing, game playing and simulations

- Form innovations that solve market or societal issues

- Form value propositions and business models through the use of visual tools and techniques

- Form new products and services through the use of rapid prototyping and agile engineering methods

- Form new skillsets for participants through the pracademic Rapid Startup School modules being delivered


Its projected outcomes are:

- New innovation and startup teams

- New products and services that reach their respective markets

- Participants with enhanced innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities and skills


It accomplishes this by:

- Targeting underused human assets including military veterans, retirees and skilled unemployed

- Targeting latent and potential entrepreneurs

- Targeting students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds


This is supported by:

- Academics in Resident (AIR) who are entrepreneurially minded teaching faculty

- Researchers in Residence (RIR) who are faculty involved in cutting edge technologies

- Specialized mentor pool from both active and retired people with corporate and serial entrepreneur backgrounds



We are located in the ASU Brickyard building at 699 S. Mill Ave, #201, Tempe, AZ 85281



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